Replacing Worn Vinyl Floor Tiles

Replacing Worn Vinyl Floor Tiles

Trouble: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:

  • Floor tiles to match your plan, (Ensure the thickness of the new tile matches the old).
  • Tile cement
  • Firm Clay Blade and a Utility blade
  • 1/16 x 1/16 Plastic spreader
  • Great hot hair peel and stick mosaic backsplash or intensity weapon


  1. First find a few tiles that match the plan of your floor. The Home Station, conveys a portion of the more seasoned styles, likewise at times Kmart and Target convey a portion of the more seasoned styles. In the event that you can’t find a definite match, find something that will supplement the style you have and attempt to foster a highlight inside the old tiles of some sort. All in all, set up an example that will permit you to supplant the terrible tiles, and a portion of the great ones, with the recent trend, to make a satisfactory example.
  2. Before you begin eliminating tiles, spread out the new tiles on top of the old ones where you figure you would like them to go, pause for a moment and have some espresso and take a gander at it for some time to check whether it works for you. Attempt various designs till you find one that works for you.
  3. When you have something you can live with, utilize a marker, and put a X on each tile you need to eliminate, so you Don’t eliminate some unacceptable ones. (Trust me on this I have committed the error and needed to begin once again with another example.) Presently utilize the hair dryer to warm up the tile on one edge, being mindful so as not to warm up the contiguous tile. As the tile gets warm you will actually want to get up under it with a clay blade (Being certain not to harm the tiles you are NOT eliminating), work the drier across the tile as you push the blade under. In the event that the tile is warm sufficient the blade will strip the tile up pleasantly. When you have every one of the tiles up, and the floor spotless and level where the new tile will be applied, ensure you have the edges of the old tile clean, so the new tile will lay level and not distend over the old tiles making an outing peril.
  4. Spread all your new tiles out, in the right direction, and follow the bearings on the glue holder, typically utilizing a 1/16″ x 1/16″ plastic spreader, normally permitting it to dry to the touch, or what they call “cleaning over”, prior to applying the new tile. Make certain to arrange the edge of the principal tile accurately, when it is down it is there to remain. Apply a lot of strain beginning in the center, and working your direction toward the edges, being certain the edges are down close to the old tile and apply strain to guarantee the edges are flush and level. You can eliminate any overabundance glue with a spotless cloth and a few mineral spirits. On the off chance that you have a ton of tiles to supplant, there is an instrument called a J Roller that ought to be utilized to apply pressure it will make it more straightforward on you. Indeed, it’s as simple as that. I trust this has been helpful.
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